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You can help save the tiger!

This is clearly an emergency: if nothing is done, tigers will disappear from the wild within the next decade.The good news is that we can save tiger.

We know what needs to be done, we know it will work... and what is more, tiger range countries, the World Bank and major NGOs have come together to achieve this!

You can help too.

No matter where you live, no matter how small your actions are, we ALL have a part to play in saving the tiger – and our planet as a whole.

Here are some simple things you can do to help ensure our children and grandchildren live in a world where tigers still roam freely in the wild.

Don't buy anything containing tiger parts

Poaching of tigers is driven by continued demand for tiger parts – like bones for Traditional Chinese Medicineand skins for clothes. If you buy such items, you are directly helping to exterminate the last of the wild tigers.
Buy forest-friendly products
After poaching, the biggest threat to tigers is thedestru-
 of their forest home – mainly due to illegal logging and conversion to agriculture, particularly commercial oil palm plantations. You can help stop this habitat loss by buying products from sustainable forestry and agriculture operations.  So when you're out shopping, look for: 
  Certified paper and wood products

Products made from certified sustainable palm oil If you can't find any, ask your supermarket or shop why they are not stocking any ... and not helping tigers, and many other animals, to survive.

  Sustainable coffee
Illegally grown coffee in Sumatra is driving the destruction of tiger habitat (report - PDF). Watch where your coffee comes from – and choose coffee grown according to environmentally friendly principles.
Spread the word
The more people realize what simple steps can be taken to save the tiger, the more success we will have.

So go on, get your friends, your family, and your workmates to help too! 

Tiger e-cards

Send a special e-card to friends and family and help spread the word about tiger conservation!
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