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Purple frog

The body shape is similar to most frogs, but more rounded. Arms and legs splay out in the standard anuran body form. Compared to other frogs, the head is smaller with an unusual pointed snout. Adults are typically dark purple in color.

Scientific Name : Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis 
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Amphibia 
Order : Anura 
Family : Sooglossidae 
Genus : Nasikabatrachus 
Species : sahyadrensis 
Vernacular Name :
Life Span :
Weight :
Reproduction :
Fascinating Facts :  
Habits : Endemic to Western Ghats 
Food Habits : Forage underground, feeding mainly on termites. 
Conservation Status : Endangered 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 : The frog spends most of the year underground, surfacing only for about two weeks, during the monsoon for mating.  

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