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King Cobra

Gray, black, dark olive green or yellowish-brown, usually with white or yellowish bands. Young are black with narrow white or yellow bands that encircle the body and tail.

Scientific Name : Ophiophagus hannah 
Phylum : Chordata 
Class : Reptilia 
Order : Squamata 
Family : Elapidae 
Genus : Ophiophagus 
Species : hannah 
Vernacular Name : Raja vembala 
Life Span : >12 years in captivity 
Weight : The longest venomous snake in the world (avg. length of 9.8 to 13 feet, avg. weight of 6kg) 
Reproduction : Eggs hatch in 70 days at 28 degrees Celsius 
Fascinating Facts :  
Habits : Thick primary forests and estuarine mangrove swamps, tea estates.  
Food Habits : Snake eater, sometimes consumes monitor lizards 
Conservation Status : Vulnerable 
Status based on Wildlife Protection ACT 1972 : Females build nests of dead leaves and stay with the eggs until they hatch. Does not display aggression unless provoked or harmed 

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