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Saving Tigers

Double the number of Tigers in the wild

Tiger Initiative aims to put in place the necessary conditions to double the wild tiger population by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022.

At an historic Tiger Summit in November 2010, crucial high level international backing was given to a plan that will help to immediately begin the reverse of declining wild tiger populations. 

Protect Tiger Habitat

Recovering tiger and prey populations through better management of protected areas and engaging a wider range of local stakeholders in anti-poaching measures

Managing tiger habitat, including restoration and management of corridors between core areas through land-uses compatible with tiger conservation

Creating additional or expanding exisiting protected areas to support viable, breeding tiger populations, and link them with habitat corridors

Engaging business, industry, and development groups to support tiger conservation and adopt environmentally sensitive approaches that avoid negative impacts on habitat and tiger populations
Performing economic valuations of the ecological services and sustainable use of natural resources derived from tiger landscapes to mainstream tigers and tiger conservation-related values into development planning process and policy formulation

Strengthening community engagement in: habitat management and tiger conservation by providing economic incentives; multi-stakeholder forums to discuss, mediate, and resolve conservation issues such as land and natural resource management; revenue sharing; community-led anti-poaching strategies; and human wildlife conflict

Using innovative wildlife research and monitoring techniques to learn more about the tiger and prey biology in order to improve tiger conservation approaches, reduce conflict, and prioritize interventions

Establishing sustainable funding mechanisms to support tiger conservation, including from philanthropic funding, carbon financing, and government grants

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