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 Best Tiger Reserve Award

Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, is an example of nature’s bounty, with great scenic charm, rich bio diversity and providing veritable visitor satisfaction. Sprawled over an area of 925 Sq .km., Periyar is one of the 27 tiger reserves in India. Zealously guarded and efficiently managed reserve is a repository of rare, endemic and endangered flora and fauna and forms the major watershed of two important rivers of Kerala, the Periyar and Pamba.

Glimpses of Periyar
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Community Based Eco-Tourism

People oriented and park centered community based ecotourism is the hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve. These programmes are conducted by local people responsible for the surveillance of the vulnerable parts of the reserve. By taking tourists along, they are involved in the conservation of the forests of Periyar and some valuable revenue is generated for community welfare. People who once made a living by illegal
operations in the forests have since become forest protectors and earn their livelihood through these programmes. Hence, as a visitor, when you join them in any of these programmes,you are directly contributing towards
forest conservation and community welfare.

 Terrain & Geomorphology

Terrain is undulating with lofty peaks of over 1700 meters bordering the north and east. Towards the west it merges into an extensive tableland Mount Plateau of average elevation 1200 meters. rom the edge of this plateau the land falls steeply to the thickly forested tracts of Sabarimala hills in the Pamba River basin
 Field Director's Note
We are facing a lots of threats  to Bio- diversity. We need lots of support from all sectors of the society where we here to came together towards the conservation measures to protect our rich Bio-diversity.

  An appeal to the visitor

You are supporting a noble cause of forest conservation and community welfare by participating in these ecotourism programmes. The interest and participation shown by you is higly appreciated. Let’s make Periyar a heitage for all time to come.

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