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Facts about the tiger & tiger sub-species

Tigers are culturally important to people across the globe – and, as a top predator, essential to the proper functioning of their entire ecosystem.

Common Name

Siberian tiger, Amur tiger;
Tigre de Sibérie (Fr); (Sp)

Scientific Name

Panthera tigris altaica



IUCN: Endangered D ver 3.1 CITES: Appendix I


Around 450 individuals



Boreal forest


up to 300 cm


Horizontal Leap

up to 10 meters

Biggest cat

The Siberian tiger is
the biggest of all cats
found in the wild


Can they be saved?

Yes! Tigers are cats, and cats if given space and food will breed fast and freely

The tiger is a powerful symbol of reverence among the variety of cultures that live across its range. 

They command respect, awe or fear from their human neighbours. Even in places where tigers have become extinct or never existed in the wild, they live on in myth and legend.


For tigers, this is it

Tigers are at what scientists call a "tipping point".The point at which they can go either way in the wild. 

Survival or extinction.

In India alone - the last great refuge for tigers - there are only around 1,400 left.In 2009, 100 of them were killed (that we know of).In the first few weeks of this year, 3 more were lost.This, the most iconic species on our planet. The one ingrained in religions, in songs and in deeds. Ground down into potions. Skins hung on living room walls or put under our feet. Yes. There are so many things in our world that need fixing. So much that needs attention. Yet so little is needed, comparatively, to save this, the world's most popular animal.

For what it brings to the world in inspiration.

In courage.In strength, and so much more...


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