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Periyar Tiger Reserve added another feather to its cap, when it was identified  by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India as a ‘Field Learning Centre’ for replicating its model eco-development initiatives as part of the ‘Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project’ (BCRLIP). This recognition came as a result of the Reserve being designated a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for successfully implementing the India Eco-Development Project (IEDP). The high-profile BCRLI project, which is funded by the World Bank/Global Environment Facility Trust Fund, will be implemented in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Askote in the Uttarakhand, with the aim of developing and promoting new models of conservation over a period of six years, through enhanced capacity and institution building.

For this prestigious project, Periyar Tiger Conservation Foundation will be implementing and coordinating the activities of the Learning Centre at PTR, by providing hands-on trainingin community institutional development and organization, sustainable financing for protected areas and community livelihoods and private-public cooperation to delegates from the two states. To meet the needs of the project, contract staff such as Ecologist, Sociologist/Socio-Ecologist, Regional Planner, Training Officer and Field Assistants is proposed to be hired, and the Foundation will receive financial support for the same.

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