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Community based ecotourism - The Bamboo Grove
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The Bamboo Grove - Eco lodge & Centre for experiential learning

I am the ancestral oblation.
My bamboo clumps may whisper old folklores in the new hours of night.
The wind may rattle my tender reeds to make soft screams.
I am the bamboo grove...

The programme
The two islets of elevated ground studded with bamboo thickets in Thekkady is the eco lodge for experiential learning. Here a miniature habitat is being recreated for man and nature to co-exist in the already available milieu of grassy downs, sedges and bamboos and stream fringed with screw pine.

Dwelling units made exclusively of natural materials like bamboo and grass and tents are slotted in the available spaces together with treetop huts to give the place an eco-friendly ambience.

Experiential learning and nature sensitization camps are conducted for discerning aspirants and the programme addresses different target groups. Lectures, discussions, audiovisual presentations, field visits etc. go with the programme.

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